Private Parties, with Taste


Milestone birthdays, engagements, christenings, naming ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, house warmings, retirement dos.

Or how about, just because…?

“Hey, Chris. Remember that food we had at cousin Jane’s wedding?”


“Oh, my goodness, YES! Those delicious, artisan sharing boards. I mean, WOW!”

“Aah, what I’d give to have that bucket of prawns now…! We need an excuse to party!”

“Hmm. Well, we had my 18th already so…. Mum, when are you 60 again?!”

“You cheeky so and so, Emily! We only just celebrated my 50th!”

“Chris, you should propose to Suze! Ha – except she’d say NO!!”

“Oh, you’re soooo FUNNY, Em…”

“I’VE GOT IT! Let’s have a post-lockdown party! We could all do with one of those!”

Everyone loves a party, don’t they?

Getting together with a bunch of friends or the family, a few drinks and laughs, maybe a dance… Then there’s the food, without which, you can hardly call it a party, can you! And no one loves a good ‘do’ more than Taste, our team at its absolute buzziest when we’re preparing a fanciful feast for groups large or small, whoever they are, whatever their celebration – from your traditional tear-jerker events to the ‘just because we can’ style get-togethers.

From classic buffet-style grazing tables to roaming canapés, succulent meats for sharing or traditional à la carte dishes plated with elegance, Taste has a menu to match the occasion. With so many exquisite tastes to choose from, each delightful delicacy is served up perfectly whether you’re opting for sit-down dining or an eat on your feet. What’s more, once your feast is all finished, our team ensures everything is cleared away afterwards, like we were never there – leaving you revellers to continue your celebrations into the early hours completely mess-free!

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