The Story, of Taste


Once upon a time in Yorkshire – 2002, as legend goes – lived a wonderful couple, Kerry and Ray. Gathering their friends together to share stories over fine food was their most favourite thing in the whole world!

One day, Kerry had an idea: they would host a dinner party that was a little different.


Using only locally produced ingredients, they would create a feast of the highest quality. Not just any old feast but one fit for royalty – like the kind you see on long tables in castle banquet halls – where the dinner plates dazzle and the guests’ taste-buds dance!

That Saturday evening, their friends were treated to the finest fare you can imagine.  Canapés, carefully constructed and delicate to touch, all bursting with flavour! A platter of meats so tender, so succulent, each piece melted in the mouth within seconds! Vegetables vibrant, crisp and beautifully fresh, like they had just that moment been picked!  The sweetest, richest desserts, as smooth as velvet!

With every mouthful so supreme, the guests felt their next one could not possibly be as good, but each time, it tasted better than the last! As the platters continued to arrive, and the drinks continued to flow, everybody agreed it was the most exquisite cuisine they had ever experienced!

“How do they make their food taste so… sensational?”

Word of this incredible feast spread quickly and before long, Kerry and Ray were asked by more friends to put on another great event. Quickly, that fabulous dinner party in Yorkshire became more dinner parties. Next, a wedding – several, in fact – each one promising more extravagance than the last. Suddenly, businesses wanted to host parties this exuberant, too – from as far away as London! And while the parties grew in number and flamboyance, the food was always guaranteed to impress, dazzling in appearance, and positively splendicious in taste!

Nowadays, with everyone talking about this wonder-food – succulent, scrumptious fare of the finest quality, simply perfect for any occasion whether a wedding, a corporate event or private party – it’s no longer just the good folk of Yorkshire queueing for miles to indulge themselves, but people everywhere choosing to book their own special event with Taste. And, as you’d expect, each time, the team from Taste delivers one elegantly classy occasion guests will cherish forever.

And we all dined happily ever after!

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